4D scan Surrey

4D Scan Surrey

Bumps Gorse Hill
Hook Heath Road
GU22 0QH

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Bumps 4D  in Surrey is located at Devere Hotel Gorse Hill, a location that was especially selected for its superior facilities conducive for families to enjoy their  4D pregnancy scan experience.

The Gorse Hill venue is a modern establishment which rests on a courtyard setting that offers spacious facility rooms coupled with well-designed accommodation and public areas. This location offers excellent variety of leisure facilities including a swimming pool and a gym. You can treat yourselves to a scrumptious meal or swim as you wish, whether you do it before or after your pregnancy scans. This magnificent place perfectly complements 4D scan bonding experience.


Other Pregnancy Scan Services Available.

  • Gender Scans: Not all families want to know the gender of the unborn baby. However, there are a lot of people who cannot wait to find out. The reasons for wanting to know whether is it a boy or girl are varied and important. Some want to get the nursery ready! Who can argue with that? The best way to find out the sex of the baby is by ultrasound scan at about 17-20 weeks. The earlier the scan, the less accurate. From our own experience and published papers, gender scanning at 20 weeks is about 98-99% accurate at 20 weeks of gestation.

Special Offer: Gender Scans at Gorse Hill Was £90 Now £75.

(inc 3 black & white photos, DVD optional +£15)

  • Presentation Scan: Babies don’t always come head first! When the midwife or obstetrician cannot tell how the baby is lying, the best course of action is to order an ultrasound scan. Very accurate and easy to identify which part is coming first; head or bottoms?
  • Early Pregnancy and Dating Scan: There are many reasons why a newly pregnant woman will want to have a scan as soon as possible after  a positive pregnancy test. The first important reason is to confirm the pregnancy and establish the date. Unfortunately, though popular, pregnancy dates based on the last menstrual period is not reliabel. The earlier a pregnancy dating scan is done, the more reliable it is.
  • An emergency situation may arise that necessitates the need for an urgent early pregnancy scan. If there has been vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, particularly in women who have had an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriages, a vaginal scan will be required.
  • Baby Growth scan: Each has his or her growth potential. Not all babies grow to their potential, for several reasons. Most important of the reasons are high blood pressure, smoking and previous small babies. It is extremely important your team of midwives and obstetricians recognise a situation when the baby is not growing so steps can be taken to monitor or treat as necessary. We do provide growth scan services, the most accurate way of assessing and monitoring fetal growth.



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Getting to Gorse Hill Bumps 4D Venue

Close to both Heathrow (direct rail-air link to Woking) and Gatwick airports. Located Between the M25 and M3
Sat Nav Coordinates: Lat: 51.300552 Long: -0.597897

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